German Research & Innovation & Business Center for sustainable coupling of the transport and energy sector via digital transformation

Motto: A corporation without Innovations has no future!

We turn bright ideas into a successful business!


The current transport and energy sector has entered in a profound transformation process, not only by itself, but also by means of new digitalization solutions and disruptive business models. In this context, ARENA INNOVATION understands that this transformation process cannot be carried out or influenced neither by individual entities or companies - no matter how big they are - nor by certain business sectors, but by a concerted action of the various players of the interacting transport, energy and IT sectors. ARENA INNOVATION is the playground where new business models are forged and tested in order to be successfully scaled-up and implemented in new markets for establishing a clean and sustainable living environment, like for example a HYDROGEN SOCIETY!



Is an Innovation stratetgy consulting company based in Stuttgart, Germany. It provides technical expertise and high quality programme implementation for infrastructure, research and innovation projects in the fields of transport, energy and IT - from seeking customer insights to developing and testing new prototypes, as well as designing new products.

We are Expert Consultants for Innovation and Sustainability