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Motto: A corporation without Innovations has no future!

We turn bright ideas into a successful business!

Current Situation

Certainly disruptive as well as sustaining Innovations will have a decisive impact on our lives in the near future. A sustaining Innovation will improve value for products or services in existing markets (e.g. new engines with improved fuel consumption and/or reduced exhaust gas emission), while a disruptive Innovation (such as electromobility) helps to create a new market, drastically altering an existing one.


Whereas bigger, well-known companies build their own Innovation Centers locally in order to properly encounter the above described situation, many others cannot afford to do so because of different reasons (high costs, low capacities, lack of expertise, high risks of implementation..).


Even if many viable Innovations are successfully developed and tested somewhere in the world, they eventually face serious difficulties concerning market deployment for different reasons (lack of awareness, lack of communication, new or shifted roles in the demand and supply process,..).


Visionary Solution

In order to overcome the above described shortages, the business strategy of ARENA-INNOVATION is to establish distinctive Business Innovations Centers (BIC) throughout the world, in strategical important locations and digitally interconnect them together in order to facilitate deployment of such Innovations and help them penetrate the market and become sustainable for improved future businesses. In other words, ARENA-INNOVATION is the missing link between disruptive, as well as sustaining Innovations (TRL>6) and customers worldwide!


Practical Implementation

In order to put this visonary solution into practice, ARENA-INNOVATION acts on

  • finding and receiving inputs about customers, value, and potential Innovations worldwide
  • processing inputs to manage strategy, Innovation and organizational change processes
  • producing outputs by deploying Innovations and learn which add value for customers and the organization


Customer Benefit

Working with us, the customer not only saves on an Innovation Center, which he does not have to build up anymore, but profits moreover from a synergetic Network of many other Business Innovation Centers worldwide. This is a much higher guarantee on sustainability than any other single Business Innovation Center can offer!


Is an Innovation stratetgy consulting company based in Stuttgart, Germany. It provides technical expertise and high quality programme implementation for infrastructure, research and innovation projects in the fields of transport, energy and telecommunications - from seeking customer insights to developing and testing new prototypes, as well as designing new products.

We are Expert Consultants for Innovation and Sustainability